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As we are getting ready to launch the BarnBridge DAO we wanted to clear up a couple things before this all launches. If you have any questions about what the parameters are or how the voting works on the DAO please check out our first document HERE.

First things first…yes Pool 3 is coming to an end (all good things must), but staking in the DAO also has rewards. We plan on launching the DAO live on our Project Call this Thursday February 4th, 2021. …

Yield Farming starts Oct 19th and LP Incentivization starts October 26th

Website | Twitter| Github | Whitepaper | LaunchDAO | Discord

For an overview on BarnBridge please read our introductory post.

UPDATE 10/14/20: Access the Yield Farming user interface HERE

Greetings from MI-6 everyone. Q branch is hard at work on putting the final touches on the Yield Farming and Liquidity Pool Incentivization programs and nice UI/UX. We wanted to give everyone a quick update on the specs and timelines before the programs go live in hopes that we answer any lingering questions that might be out there.

We have conducted a couple of internal audits on the smart contracts with the help of our technical advisors Atpar. We also…

$BOND Network Liquidity Bootstrapping Program

Website | Twitter| Github | Whitepaper | LaunchDAO | Discord

For an overview on BarnBridge please read our introductory post.


In order to facilitate a fair and inclusive distribution of $BOND tokens to future protocol participants, BarnBridge is proud to announce its upcoming two-phased liquidity mining program. We will be releasing two sequential staking contracts with distinct specifications around $BOND token distribution:

  1. Yield Farming
  2. Liquidity Pool Incentivization

Below we will explain the parameters of each contract, the differences between the two, and the rationale behind their respective mechanism designs.

An operating system for content


Think of the DAO as an operating system for content distributed on the SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol (SMDP).

The DAO governs the protocol, thereby allowing the community to set its many functions and parameters. Through the DAO, and for the advancement of society, the community owns the distribution network.

We are all the Illuminati now.

The snglsDAO Foundation’s Role

The snglsDAO Foundation plays an important role in the start of the new governance layer. The foundation will act as a functionary to fulfil the original promises of the protocol until the point the DAO and WEB3 ecosystem are ready to take control of everything…

Snapshot of SNGLS Wallets at Block Height: 10272100

Countdown Timer:

Estimated Date of Snapshot: June 15th, 2020

Airdrop: June 19th, 2020

We are airdropping our snglsDAO Governance Token (SGT) on June 19th 2020, please be aware that in order to receive this token you will need to have SNGLS in a wallet you hold the private keys to at the block height of 10272100 on the estimated date of June 15th, 2020. If you have tokens on exchanges, and you want to participate in the airdrop, move your SNGLS to a wallet you control the private keys to BEFORE

From: June 4th, 2020

I recently participated in an English AMA on the Binance Exchange telegram channel. We have compiled all the questions and answers so if anyone missed it, you can check it out. Enjoy!

Intro.Can you tell me a bit about yourself and why did you get into crypto?

A: Hi my name is Troy Murray, I’m the snglsDAO Foundation Supervisor and Technical Architect, Breaker’s Director of Strategy, and RUDE_ Founder. I have worked in and around crypto since 2013 helping start and build different projects in the space. In 2015 I got the Ethereum bug and wanted to see how far the community could push smart contracts into the mainstream. …

I think it’s extremely hard for “business” minded people to wrap their heads around open source technology and the even harder part for them is that this idea is the backbone of the WEB3 movement. Many business people have moved into tech because it’s the hot sector in the economy and they bring their preconceived notions of how a business is run in this space. They have business models that work in the WEB2 world but honestly they seem very lost when it comes to WEB3, they have to unlearn to understand this new world. A case I would like…

To our valued SNGLS holders and community,

Please read this important message on some key changes that are in process with the SNGLS token. In particular, our goal is to educate and provide details on our current plans for a two-token ecosystem and to outline the roles each token will play in regards to snglsDAO and the SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol (SMDP).

Our team sincerely hopes this will shed light on our strategic roadmap, and provide clarity around what SNGLS holders can look forward to in the coming months.


Troy Murray | @barn_bridge | |

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